Welcome to my website and blog. I love ALL THINGS CREATIVE and this is one of my favorite ways to share my journey. I've met so many amazing friends along the way, those who inspire, intrigue or perhaps cause me to reflect.  I believe that God puts people and circumstances in our lives for a reason. 


I grew up in a loving and nurturing home and then married an phenomenal man. We've shared over three decades together and it seems like life keeps getting better for us. We have family, and those who've become family to us. In this season of our lives, we are even more grateful for our blessings.


On this trek I've worked in a family owned business, taught elementary school, photographed families, brides, children, pets and events. As I travel I continue to capture new and different cultures. I've published a magazine, interviewed and been interviewed, served as a volunteer for many non-profits, chaired many community events (Fashion shows are my favorite). I've followed and led others and am learning how to stand my ground and not be swayed by outside pressures. Confronting my fears is one of my greatest challenges, but it yields the many rewards. 


I enjoy speaking to groups anytime I'm given a microphone. Another one of my favorite forms of communication is social media. I find the power of the internet amazing.


What's next in my agenda? Blogging because it's such an easy form of creative self-expression, allowing me to build a bridge and connect people. 


I hope you enjoy my site. Please feel free to leave me a message. Have a blessed day!


"Instead of trying to be great, try to be a part of something greater than yourself."
John C. Maxwell